Employment Opportunity

SilkRoad Realty, Inc. is looking for real estate professionals who would like to be associated with and be a part of a unique real estate brokerage firm that provides more than just real estate services to you and your clients.

As real estate professionals, you have always been told that you should specialize - either in residential or commercial, or represent buyers or sellers.  We don’t believe in this concept.  This is like saying a dentist can only do fillings.  As a real estate professional, you are capable of providing a lot more service to the same client and therefore, increase your potential earnings.

You work very hard to get a client.  We believe that each client at some point may need other real estate services.  For example, you helped an entrepreneur purchase his or her primary residence.  Six months later, he or she may be interested in making a real estate investment.  Why let the client go elsewhere for their other real estate needs?  You should be able to capitalize on all of the client’s real estate needs.  At SilkRoad Realty, we are able to provide a broad range or real estate, tax and accounting services to our clients.

SilkRoad Realty, Inc. is a boutique real estate, certified public accounting (CPA) and business management firm that has combined and provides all three services to its agents and clients.

We realized long ago that perhaps the most valuable asset our clients own is real estate.  And almost every real estate or business decision made, whether to purchase or sell a personal residence or a commercial property, the tax cost and financial analysis of the transaction are critical to the decision maker.  The analyses should be accurately and quickly available and play a key role in the decision making process. 

In today's fast-paced economy and society, information and analyses that can be accurately and quickly obtained are key to our client’s real estate and business success.

We have a high level of expectations from our associates and staff. If you posses the following characteristics and are interested in being part of a unique firm, we would love to meet with you:

·        Must have at least a four year college degree.
·        Must have at least three years of real estate experience.
·        Must be honest. professional, detailed and diligent.
·        Most importantly, at all times must have the client’s best interest in mind.

The following are what we have to offer to you:

  • Every transaction you will be involved in, will also be analyzed for its tax and financial consequences - at no extra charge to you or your client. This will provide the client with more accurate and timely information to make the right decision. It will give you a huge edge and advantage over other real estate professionals and value for your clients.
  • There is the opportunity that you will actually be given clients to represent from the CPA/business management firm.
  • We provide residential, commercial, syndication, investments, property management, tax, financial analysis, business management, payroll, accounting, retirement, estate and trust planning and other related services. You will have many services at your disposal and can therefore accommodate a larger client base and/or provide more services to the same client.
  • We have a high-end paperless virtual office and system. You will have access to your files no matter where you are at all times.
  • We provide you with a Transaction Coordinator.
  • We provide you with E&O and Workers’ Compensation insurances.
  • We are tech savvy and unique in our marketing efforts and will develop a unique marketing campaign with you.
  • There is no desk, transaction coordinator, franchise or any other fee that you pay.
  • We have a competitive commission structure.
  • There are two annual bonus payments:  Individual and firm performance.
  • We provide you with more services and therefore, more opportunities, than other brokerage firms.

If you are interested in learning more about the employment opportunities at SilkRoad Realty, Inc., please contact David Silkman, CPA, MST, Broker at 310.478.9200 x301 or email him at david@SilkRoadRealtyInc.com.