Services For Sellers

The Sale Process
No matter the type of sell it is, we go through the following steps to help you maximize your profit: 

1.  We believe a key element in making a real estate sell is to determine what your property is worth.  We will look at various comparable sales to determine what is the maximum amount you can get for your property.  If need be, we will hire professional appraisals to get a second opinion as well. 

2.  We will estimate the taxable gain or loss and its tax implication to you.  Therefore, you will know exactly what you will be left with after the property is sold including the tax cost, if any.  We will advise you on how to legally minimize the federal, state and local taxes on the transactions.

3.  We will assist you and help you prepare all the financial documents and disclosures that are needed.  If you are already a client of Silkman & Associates Accountancy Corporation, then we already have a majority of the documents that are needed. 

4.  if you like to defer the gain through what is called a "Like-Kind Exchange", we will help you find the exchange property and assist you through the whole accommodator process.  

5.  We will walk you through, step by step, the sale process, acceptance, due diligence, escrow and closing procedures.  We will inform you of all the time limits and deadlines. 

6.  We will list your property with numerous listing sites such as:  Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Loopnet and other sites.  We will prepare the appropriate advertising media for it.

7.  If work needs to be done prior to sale, we can refer you to inspectors, handymen, contractors, attorneys and many other professionals that may be needed during the course of the sale process. 

8.  We will advise you on the estate tax planning aspect of the transaction.  

For a brochure on selling your home, please click hereWe represent sellers for their residential and commercial real estate sales.