Services For Tenants

We represent tenants and lessees for their residential and commercial real estate needs.  Whether you need to lease a home, office, creative space, a retail store, a warehouse, manufacturing or industrial space, we can help you find the location and amenities that you need.

The Lease Process
No matter the type of lease it is , we go through the following steps to help you find what you are looking for: 

1.  We will show you properties in the areas that you are interested in.  If you don't know what area you would like to be in, then we will make the search very broad at the beginning and then narrow it down once you feel comfortable with a particular area. 

2.  We will estimate your monthly out of pocket expenditures for your new location and calculate its tax savings too. 

3.   We will look at comparable properties and other factors to determine what is the fair market value of the property that you are interested in and advise you on what you should offer for it.  

4.  We will walk you through, step by step, the offer process, acceptance, due diligence, and lease review.  We will inform you of all the time limits and deadlines. 

5.  We will work closely with your attorney that will be reviewing the lease.  If you do not have an attorney, we can refer you to one.

For more information, please contact call David Silkman, CPA, MST, Broker at 310.478.9200 x301 or email him  Thank you.