Who We Are

SilkRoad Realty, Inc. is a boutique real estate, certified public accounting (CPA) and business management firm that has combined and provides all three services to its real estate clients.

We realized long ago that perhaps the most valuable asset our clients own is real estate.  And almost every real estate or business decision made, whether to purchase or sell a personal residence or a commercial property, the tax cost and financial analysis of the transaction are critical to the decision maker.  The analyses should be accurately and quickly available and play a key role in the decision making process. 

We are extremely sensitive to our client’s needs and their best interest.  What is important to us is the quality of service we provide and the trust our clients have in us.  We are honest and diligent.  

In today's fast paced economy and society, information and analyses that can be accurately and quickly obtained are key to your real estate and business success.

However, the real estate, tax and financial analysis are almost never available to the purchaser/seller/investor by the same professional.  The purchaser/seller/investor needs to orchestrate his or her real estate, tax, and financial professionals and have them all work in concert with each other to provide him or her with the information and analyses he or she needs to make an informed and accurate decision.  To deal with numerous professionals and their requirements is not an easy or efficient task. 

Thus from this void came SilkRoad Realty, Inc., which was founded by David S. Silkman in 2009.  David is a certified public accountant (CPA), has a master's degree in taxation and is a real estate broker.  He founded Silkman & Associates Accountancy Corporation, a CPA/Business Management firm in 1996.  

We provide you with more than just real estate brokerage services.  It is a combination of a real estate brokerage and a CPA/business management firms combined.  All of the tax, financial and accounting services of an experienced CPA/business management firm are included to our clients and agents at no extra charge.

We have high level of expectations from our associates and staff.  There are certain requirements that they must meet before they are considered for joining our firm.  Furthermore, they must posses and believe in the same core values such as honesty, integrity, professionalism and at all times the client’s best interest comes first.

We have the experience and expertise in many areas.  SilkRoad Realty, Inc. consists of three divisions:

SilkRoad Estates – Represents buyers and sellers for fine and luxurious single family residences.  Whether it is a Mediterranean estate in the Palisades or the ultra chic penthouse suite in Wilshire Corridor, we have the experience and knowledge to represent you and help you fulfill your need and desire.

SilkRoad Properties – Represents buyers, sellers and investors for multi-family properties.  Whether it is a 10 unit apartment complex in Hollywood, or a 40 unit condo conversion in West Los Angeles, we will be along your side every step of the way to help you achieve your investment goal. 

SilkRoad Commercial – Represents buyers, sellers and investors for their commercial real estate needs.  Whether it is strip mall, a parking lot, a shopping center, an office/medical building, raw land or property management services, we will provide you with the service, information and analysis needed in order for you to make the appropriate decision for your financial and investment goals.The following is a sample of the type of questions we answer for our clients on a daily basis by providing them with the real estate, tax and financial analysis on their transaction:

  How much will a particular property cost you after its tax savings?
  What is your pre or post tax cost or savings?
  What is the rate of return pre or post tax cost or savings?
  What is the cash on cash rate of return pre or post tax cost or savings?
  What is the cap rate pre or post tax cost or savings?
  What would the transaction look like at the different scenarios/proformas?
  Which scenario makes sense and why? 
  What can be done to minimize the federal, state and local tax liabilities on the transaction?  
  How can the property be protected from creditors?  
  How to plan for retirement and estate planning? 
  Why should you own the property personally versus through an LLC?

The combination of the analyses are endless, however, they are all interrelated from a tax and financial decision making point of view and should be considered at all times for every transaction.

We are members of the following associations:  

  • Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors  
  • California Association of REALTORS®   
  • California Society of Certified Public Accountants



SilkRoad Realty, Inc. and David S. Silkman are licensed by the California Department of Real Estate.  SilkRoad Realty, Inc.'s license number is 01874990 and David S. Silkman's broker license number is 01721517. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to call us 310.478.9200 or email us at info@SilkRoadRealtyInc.com.